Funeral and Family

When someone has died, no matter what the circumstances, the family’s initial focus is, naturally, on putting their loved one to rest and on caring for each other.

Work with your funeral director and take the time to make funeral and burial arrangements that will best honor your loved one and allow others to express their love, grief, and faith. Your funeral director will probably help you with two initial administration matters.

First, funeral directors will often notify the Social Security Administration for you. This is important to stop any benefits being paid to the decedent (otherwise you’ll get a check or direct deposit that you have to give back) and to secure any survivor’s benefits (such as the $255.00 lump sum death benefit payable to a surviving spouse and monthly benefits payable to certain family members) that may be available.

Second, funeral directors will often obtain multiple certified copies of the death certificate. You will likely need several of these throughout the estate settlement process, so take your funeral director up on any such offer. Otherwise, when you need one later on you will have to write to the relevant town hall or records office.


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