Gathering documents is one of your first jobs because the documents will tell you what assets your loved one had and where those assets need to go. They will also help you identify the open loops from his or her life. The estate plan documents, i.e., the decedent’s will and any trusts, are very important, but other, more ordinary documents will be critical to settling the estate. They include bank and investment account statements, retirement account statements, life insurance policies and statements, medical insurance and other benefits statements, real estate deeds and title documents, leases, tax returns, credit card statements, and outstanding bills.

Sometimes getting these documents can involve a bit of a treasure hunt and be quite frustrating, but you have to take a good look. Don’t assume that what you know about is all that exists. Many individuals keep some or most of their personal financial affairs private, even from their own children. If there’s something out there, you need to know about it now so you don’t have to undo or redo any of your work later on. So look hard and look everywhere.

While gathering documents, if your funeral director hasn’t already done so for you, you need to get several death certificates, which you will have to provide to banks and other institutions in order to transfer assets. You can get death certificates from the town in which your loved one died. Call the town hall and ask who you need to contact. It’s often the town clerk’s office or records office. You usually have to make a written request and pay a fee (about $30) for each, then the office will mail you the certificates.

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