Terminating Lifetime Benefits and Services

It is important also to notify all of the various benefits and service providers that worked with the decedent so that the benefits or services can be terminated or appropriately modified. You will need to contact the Social Security Administration if you or your funeral director hasn’t already. Social Security will notify Medicare, and you need to notify any other medical insurance or Medicare gap insurance provider. Any other personal care services, utilities, subscriptions, and automatic payments should be terminated if they are no longer needed.

Put a priority on Social Security and the various medical insurance providers, but do as much as you can with the others as early as you can because it will reduce the regular paperwork that you have to deal with going forward and because these things are much easier to address early on than after several months have passed. In many instances, you can do this without having a personal representative appointed yet, but some things will need to wait until then. So do what you can, and keep track of the rest to deal with later.

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