Hi there. I’m Steve Warneck.

When you think of an estate attorney, you may have some preconceived ideas of what to expect. Words like stuffy, condescending, or clinical may come to mind.

That’s not what you’ll find here.

I guide families through two complex, intensely personal, and often highly emotional legal processes, planning one’s estate and settling the estate of a loved one who has passed away.

I bring experience, compassion, and perspective to the preparation and implementation of wills, trusts, and other planning strategies and to the coordination and completion of the various tasks required to put a deceased family member’s affairs in proper order.

When I work with you, you’ll know that I am there for you, at your side every step of the way. I attend relentlessly to the procedures, details, and documents so you and your family can focus on each other.

  • If you need an estate plan of your own…
  • If you are helping parents or family with their planning…
  • If you have lost a loved one…

I can help.

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